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Kirves Attorneys Ltd provide a wide range of legal services relating to land use and real estate development, construction contract negotiation, warranty liabilities and contractual breaches.

We provide an effective, high-quality and reliable legal advisory service to all stakeholders in the construction industry to ensure our clients’ projects run smoothly from the start and avoid the potential implications, in terms of cost and time, arising from dispute resolution.

In addition to the above specialised services our firm also provides general advice in corporate, contract and tort law.


We provide legal advice to private condominiums in all aspects relating to renovation projects, infill construction and real estate development.

Urban infill contruction, made possible by zoning development, often requires any partnership agreements be legally concluded prior to the commencement of the zoning change process. In such circumstances it is advisable to use an experienced legal advisor in land use negotiations with specific emphasis on zoning changes.

Kirves Attorneys Ltd also provides general advice on matters relating to contract and corporate law.


We assist private clients in legal issues concerning the sale and purchase of real estate and housing. We form agreements relating to land use and assist in legal challenges in zoning processes. In addition we provide general legal advice in contract and tort law.


Lassi Kirves


Attorney Lassi Kirves is a legal expert in the construction industry and has many years of experience working for Finnish construction companies in Finland and Russia. In addition, Lassi has advised leading law firms in Finland specializing in real estate and construction law.

To date he has handled a significant number of construction litigation and arbitration proceedings acting primarily as a contractor’s representative.

Lassi graduated with a master’s degree in law in 2014 from the University of Helsinki and has been accepted as a member of the Finnish Bar Association in 2020. 

He is multilingual and can serve his clients in Finnish, English and Russian languages.

Kuva Lassi Kirves Asianajotoimisto Kirves

Kim Aalto

Deputy Judge

Kim Aalto assists our clients in a diverse range of assignments within the sphere of construction and real estate law. Furthermore, Kim handles assignments related to labor law, occupational safety and workforce mobility.

Prior to transferring to Kirves Attorneys, Kim spent a number of years working for the state of Finland, inter alia, in different courts, owing to which he possesses extensive and versatile expertise in various fields of law. Kim graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Master of Laws degree in 2014 and was granted the title of Master of Laws with Court Training in 2019. Kim has additionally studied law at Charles University in the Czech Republic.

Kim serves his clients in Finnish and in English.

Kuva Kim Aalto Asianajotoimisto Kirves

Vilma Ollila

Master of Laws

Vilma Ollila is a lawyer specialising in real estate and construction law. Ollila has worked in our firm as a trainee prior graduating and has previously gained experience by working as a trainee in another law firm specialising in construction law.

Ollila graduated with a master’s degree in law in 2022 from the University of Helsinki. Ollila serves our clients in Finnish and English.

Kuva Vilma Ollila Asianajotoimisto Kirves

Mika Ahtola

Bachelor of Laws

Mika Ahtola works as a legal trainee in our office. Ahtola is also interested in the jurisdiction related to real estate and construction. Before the legal studies, Ahtola completed vocational upper secondary education and training in construction engineering and, for a few years, he did construction engineering installation work. Ahtola’s experience in the construction sector provided him with a good basis for understanding legal issues concerning construction and its practical challenges. In addition to the field of construction, Ahtola has earlier gained experience in the financial sector where he worked in corporate financing.

Mika Ahtola has earned the degree of a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Helsinki in 2022.

Mika Ahtola serves his clients both in Finnish and English.


Our fees are based on the time spent on the assignment. The fees may be affected by the complexity of the assignment and the value or significance of the benefit in question.

The hourly fee is always agreed with the client in advance and on a case-by-case basis before commencement of the assignment.

Where clients have legal expenses insurance, we will endeavor to ascertain whether our fees can be covered by their insurance company.

Company entities

Our basic hourly fees for legal services are EUR 260 plus VAT (EUR 322.40 incl. VAT 24%).

Individual clients

Our basic hourly fees for legal services are EUR 220 plus VAT (EUR 272.80 incl. VAT 24%).


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